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  • Dec 12, · Osteochondrosis is a self- limiting developmental derangement of normal bone growth, primarily involving the centers of ossification in the epiphysis. Media in category " Osteochondrosis" This category contains only the following file. Osteochondrose - English. It usually begins in childhood as a degenerative or necrotic condition. Histologically, osteochondrosis is characterized by persistence of chondrocytes in the mid to late hypertrophic zone with failure of vascular invasion and subsequent osteogenesis. Medical definition of osteochondrosis: a disease especially of children and young animals in which an ossification center especially in the epiphyses of long bones undergoes degeneration followed by. The singular term is. Osteochondrose ghbpzfrb. Osteochondrosis is a family of orthopedic diseases of the joint that occur in children, adolescents and other rapidly growing animals, particularly pigs, horses, dogs, and broiler chickens. Osteochondroses is a group of diseases of children and adolescents in which localized tissue death ( necrosis) occurs, usually followed by full regeneration of healthy bone tissue. These lesions may be precipitated by abnormal chondrocyte. Osteochondrosis describes a defect in endochondral ossification of the epiphyseal cartilage.
    The term is currently used to describe the clinical manifestation of the disorder. Osteochondrosis is a failure of normal endochondral ossification, resulting in thickening and retention of the hypertrophic zone of the growth cartilage. Osteochondrosis is a developmental disorder of medium and large rapidly growing dogs that is characterized by abnormal endochondral ossification of epiphyseal cartilage in the shoulder, elbow, stifle, and hock joints. The term dyschondrodysplasia is preferred when referring to early lesions because primary lesions are seen in the cartilage. Osteochondroses can also occur as a result of athletic activity and sports injuries.
    Although the exact cause is unknown, excessive nutrition, rapid growth, trauma. Osteochondrosis is seen only. Osteochondrosis is almost exclusively found in children and teenagers up to around age 20. Medical Definition of Osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis: Any disease that affects the progress of bone growth by killing bone tissue. Many translated example sentences containing " Osteochondrose" – English- German dictionary and search engine for English translations.

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